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About me

Let me introduce myself

A bit about me

I'm self learned / autodidact programmer since I was graduated from 4 years college in finance institute. I had been learning computer since it was a DOS 6.2 era til current OSes and I'd learned pascal, delphi, html, javascript, php, bash, java, perl, and csharp. But my expertize projects are in delphi, php, and csharp.

Personal info

Ian Hersanto

Phone number: +(62)81515-486-481
Website: ianhersanto.blogspot.com
E-mail: ardie_b@yahoo.com

Blog Post

Web Development Tips


My latest open source projects

Fork on Github

Ubuntu Web Server Auto Installer


What can I do

Web Programming

Every internet application needs engine to operate its functions, this is where the web programming holds its role.

System Design

Engine without design is a structural mess, and a framework of codes needs system design to work properly.

Database Design

Database is the roleplay in all application, every application needs database design to make it easier to manage.

Web Design

Every website needs skin to deliver its function, and this is where web design holds its role.


Every computer needs network to talk to each other, and every application needs load balancing to make it more reliable on huge request.


The server is like a building to an application, and server designs and arrangements needs to be able to serve all content based on the size of the user.


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